Dustlight Particulate Matter Radar

Stay safe with real-time air quality monitoring. Green signals safety, red warns of danger – act promptly and protect your health. 85% of occupational disease-related deaths are due to respiratory illnesses.

Good air quality

Good air quality

Bad air quality

Core features

Effective warning system for fine dust pollution


Displays the measurements and recommends which personal protective equipment to wear.

Robust housing

Shockproof, splash-resistant, and scratch-resistant design


Advanced settings and alerts via the app.

All-round visibility

360° visibility of the ultra-bright LEDs.

The latest sensors

Accurate fine dust measurement through specialized technologies


All modules can be individually replaced and repaired.

Long battery life

One charge lasts for over 20 hours.

Super portable

Non-slip base, lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the strap.

Revolutionary Dustlight technology for precise measurements

Revolutionary Dustlight technology for precise measurements

Innovative design for reliable results.
Our Dustlight is more than just a measuring device – it's a promise to our customers. To guarantee you consistently reliable and accurate measurements, we rely on advanced and specially developed technology. This innovation ensures not only precise data capture but also consistent results even under demanding conditions.

Durability through high-quality sensor protection.
We understand that durability is crucial for measuring devices. Therefore, we have invested in developing a robust protection mechanism for the Dustlight sensor. This protection ensures that your device delivers reliable measurements over extended periods and remains resistant to external influences

Warns you about fine dust

Protection against fine dust in crafts and industry. Fine dust is a danger not to be underestimated in many professions, including crafts, construction, woodworking, electrical work, industry, and even bakeries. These tiny particles, although invisible, pose significant health risks. Our specially developed warning system is designed to detect the presence of fine dust early, thereby protecting the health of workers.

Prevention of respiratory diseases through early warning

The danger posed by fine dust particles is particularly insidious, as they are small enough to penetrate the deepest areas of the lungs and cause significant damage there. Studies show that 85% of deaths related to occupational diseases are due to respiratory illnesses. Our warning system provides an effective solution to minimize these risks and ensure a safe workplace.

Dustlight – Robustness and reliability for professionals in the trades

Dustlight – Robustness and reliability for professionals in the trades

Designed for the challenges of the trades. The Dustlight epitomizes ruggedness and reliability, qualities that craftsmen demonstrate every day. It is specifically designed for the harsh conditions encountered in the trades. Dust, rough environments, or even falls – our Dustlight is prepared for all these challenges. With this specific focus, we ensure that the Dustlight meets the diverse and demanding requirements of the trades

Reliable companion for craftsmen and creators. In the world of craftsmanship, where each day brings new challenges, dependable tools are essential. The Dustlight was developed with this idea in mind. It's not just a device; it's a reliable partner for all craftsmen and creators who rely on their equipment to achieve optimal results

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