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What is the Dustlight-Dustradar?

Innovative technology for fine dust measurement.

The Dustlight-Dustradar is a revolutionary, portable fine dust measuring device, developed for craftsmanship, industry, and all workplaces with high dust exposure. It aims to minimize health risks from dust exposure and provides clear instructions for appropriate protective measures with its three-color traffic light display and high-resolution screen.

Who is the Dustlight-Dustradar for?

Tailored for craftsmanship and dust-intensive workplaces.

The Dustlight-Dustradar is ideal for craftsmen and work areas where dust poses a constant risk. It provides timely warnings and recommendations for protective measures to protect the health of employees.

How is the Dustlight-Dustradar used?

Easy operation for precise fine dust monitoring.

The Dustlight-Dustradar is operated with the push of a button and displays the fine dust concentration in a language-neutral and understandable manner. It can be connected to our app via Bluetooth, providing access to historical data and detailed information on protective measures.

Why should I use the Dustlight-Dustradar?

Effective protection against health risks from fine dust.

Fine dust poses significant health risks. The Dustlight-Dustradar helps to reduce occupational diseases caused by dust by visualizing the invisible danger and displaying appropriate protective measures.

What is fine dust and why is it dangerous?

The invisible danger in the workplace.

Fine dust consists of tiny, lung-penetrating particles that can lead to serious health problems. The workplace limit value focuses on A-dust, which is particularly dangerous. For more information, please refer to our free whitepaper.

Can the Dustlight be customized to my specific work requirements?

Personalized settings for maximum safety.

Yes, the Dustlight-Dustradar allows for customization of threshold values via the app, based on the type of work and dust, to ensure optimal protection.

Is the Dustlight-Dustradar an alternative to PPE?

Supplement to personal protective equipment.

The Dustlight-Dustradar serves as a supplement to PPE and assists in risk assessment as well as the correct selection and application of protective equipment.

How is the Dustlight powered?

The Dustlight has a built-in battery that is charged using the included magnetic USB cable. A full charge takes approximately 3 hours.

How long does the Dustlight battery last?

The battery life depends on several factors that are configurable via the app. These include the brightness of the warning lights and display, as well as the sensor's measurement interval. In standard mode, the battery life is approximately 12 hours, which covers at least one workday.

Can the Dustlight be used to demonstrate compliance with workplace exposure limits?

Currently, only gravimetric methods are approved as legally valid evidence for compliance with workplace exposure limits. In gravimetric methods, dust is collected on a filter through a sampling device and then analyzed in a laboratory. However, the Dustlight is a direct-reading device, which falls under photometric methods. Therefore, the Dustlight may only be used for indicative measurements. However, if the result of such a measurement is significantly below the applicable limit value, making it unlikely to exceed this value in a gravimetric measurement, it is legitimate to conclude from the indicative measurement that no gravimetric measurement is necessary. This can lead to significant time and cost savings in the preparation of risk assessments. This conclusion can be further strengthened by repeating the measurement on several days to account for changing conditions. If the lower limit of the Dustlight is set to 10% of the workplace exposure limit and is not exceeded in repeated measurements, a justification for waiving the gravimetric measurement can be provided.

Can I display or save the temporal profiles of the dust concentration?

The profiles can be displayed both on the device's display and via the app. The device's internal memory is sufficient for approximately 60 working days, and by exchanging data with the app, the values can be visualized over the entire measurement period. Additionally, the raw data can be exported as a CSV file for further analysis.

What limits are programmed into the Dustlight?

The indications follow a three-stage traffic light system: red, yellow, and green. Accordingly, there are two limit values: the lower limit value (green -> yellow) and the upper limit value (yellow -> red). We adhere to the workplace exposure limits valid in Germany. These are defined in the "Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances," TRGS 900. The "General Dust Limit Value" applies, which is 1250 μg/m3 for A-dust (upper limit value) and 125 μg/m3 for A-dust (lower limit value). These values are pre-set but can be adjusted via the app. It should be noted that these limit values are "shift average values," i.e., daily average values. Therefore, short-term exceedances are allowed, meaning that a short-term exceedance is not necessarily a violation of the workplace exposure limits. More information on workplace exposure limits and TRGS 900 can be found in our free whitepaper.

Power supply of the Dustlight-Dustradar

Long-lasting and efficient battery performance.

The Dustlight-Dustradar is powered by a built-in battery, which is charged with a magnetic USB cable. A full charge takes approximately 3 hours.

Battery life of the Dustlight-Dustradar

Continuous performance for a full workday.

The battery life of the Dustlight-Dustradar varies depending on the configuration and is approximately 12 hours in standard mode.

Use of the Dustlight-Dustradar for compliance with workplace exposure limits

Indicative measurements for compliance with safety standards.

The Dustlight-Dustradar serves as an indicative measuring device. When results are significantly below the limit value, it can help avoid gravimetric measurements, leading to time and cost savings.

Display and storage of dust concentration profiles in the Dustlight-Dustradar

Comprehensive data capture and analysis.

The Dustlight-Dustradar allows for the display and storage of dust concentration profiles both on the device and via the app. The data can be exported as a CSV file for detailed analysis.

Pre-set limits in the Dustlight-Dustradar

Compliance with workplace exposure limits.

The Dustlight-Dustradar follows a three-stage traffic light system with predefined but adjustable limits, based on the TRGS 900 specifications.

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